Free Spirit

A New Study Suggests Being a Free Spirit Has Health Benefits

Apparently being a free spirit has its health benefits. A recent study by the University of California, Berkeley revealed that positive feelings of awe and wonder might also have a positive effect on your body. You just have to be able to get lost in a moment for this to happen
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19 Signs You're a Free Spirit

You can’t be contained. Your parents gave up in the advice department years ago. You crazily dance to your own unique beat – ‘cause you know that’s the only way to dance. If any of these ring true, you’ll agree with the rest of our 19 signs you’re a free spirit
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Taking the Plunge and Reinventing Yourself

Have you been following the same career path for the last five, ten, fifteen years? Are you aching to find something new? Is it too late to change and explore new options? Or do you believe you are simply too old to go back to school and already over the hill to reset your profession?
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