Dr. Gavin Armstrong Is Changing The World One Iron Fish at A Time

Dr. Gavin Armstrong, the founder & CEO of Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (LIFe) did just that. An impact entrepreneur, he has dedicated his life to helping solve the world's largest nutritional challenge: iron deficiency. Over two billion people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency, which impacts everything from cognitive development in children to energy levels and overall health.
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Nunzio Presta: Today's Notable Young Entrepreneur

Today's Notable Young Entrepreneur is BizON Founder and CEO Nunzio Presta, whose company allows members to easily buy or sell businesses and franchises. We caught up with him to hear about the inspiration behind the idea and where he sees the company in five years
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YEDaily: Amir Sahba

Amir Sahba is a man who cannot sit still for more than five seconds. His love for creative design and interest in the growing field of interactive technology fuels him to push his company Thinkingbox to excel everyday in today’s YEDaily
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