Meet <strong>Dare to Lead Like a Girl</strong> Author Dalia Feldheim 

Meet Dare to Lead Like a Girl Author Dalia Feldheim 

Dalia Feldheim brings over two decades of experience as a senior executive to her new book Dare To Lead Like a Girl. You may not recognize Dalia walking down the street, but it's likely you've seen her work. As a...
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The Benefits of Writing

Just as physical activity keeps our bodies healthy, and education keeps our minds sharp, writing is a holistic approach to wellness that maintains our emotional health. Here's why adding a daily writing routine will help keep your stress levels low, your self-confidence high, and your emotional state stable
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YEDaily: Jeff Campagna

Once a successful chef, Jeff Campagna grew tired of the culinary field and yearned to find what made him different from everyone else. Through a series of impressive occupations, he eventually found his calling as a writer and publisher of his own books, blog and magazine in today’s YEDaily
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