Family of Syrian Refugees Names Baby After Justin Trudeau

The photo above was taken last week as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Cultural Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The boy expressing himself in equal parts frustration and boredom is 10-year-old Abdel Kader Al Shaikh, a Syrian refugee, and the photo even caught Trudeau’s attention.

“I haven’t seen faces like these kids’ since I taught math class,” Trudeau wrote in a tweet, ending with a diplomatic ‘thank you’.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.30.22 AM

As it turns out, the photo was just unfortunate timing, and Abdel Kader’s family was quick to set the record straight. The family of nine regards “hero” Trudeau with the highest esteem and were relieved to learn that the PM received the photo with amusement.

“(I’m) so grateful for all of the Canadian people … who received (our family) with amazing hospitality,” said Abdel Kader’s father, Hassan Al Shaikh. “While other countries closed their borders … Canada was the only country that opened the doors and opened the hearts for the Syrians.”

While that’s not entirely true, we appreciate the pat on the back.

The family has since performed an all-out tribute to the Canadian PM, naming their newborn son Justin Trudeau Al Shaikh. It has an admittedly nice ring to it.


Radia Al Shaikh, the boy’s mother, said she hopes Trudeau will give them his blessing to welcome the baby into the family’s new home with a fittingly Canadian name.