Syrian Refugee Saves the Day After Ontario Bride Has a Major Wedding Dress Malfunction

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: a major wardrobe malfunction on the big day.

An Ontario bride recently experienced the panic herself when she put on her dress and the zipper broke.

Most relatives of Jo Du and Earl Lee’s families were visiting from China, so they were all staying under one roof at a rental home in Guelph.

The wedding party immediately sprung into action, making frantic phone calls to dress shops.


It turned out the only option was to sew Du into the dress or to find a new zipper on a Sunday.

A bridesmaid went over to a neighbour’s house to ask for some pliers to help the cause. It just so happened that the neighbour was hosting a family of Syrian refugees – one of whom was a master tailor.

Ibrahim Halil Dudu and his family had moved to Canada from Turkey just days prior and know no English, speaking only Kurdish.

Within minutes, Halil Dudu and his son showed up with a sewing kit to save the day.


After he sewed the dress, the wedding party bowed to thank him.

“I was so excited and so happy (to) help Canadian people like other people helped (me),” Halil Dudu told CTV News through a translator.

Wedding photographer Lindsay Coulter shared the story on her Facebook page on Monday:

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