One City in Sweden Wants to Enforce Paid “Sex Leave”

The northern town of Overtornea, Sweden wants citizens to have sex during the day, everyday and the government is willing to pay for it.

Per-Erik Muskos, a 42-year-old Swedish city official wants to give his citizens a one-hour break from the average workday for a little sexual healing with their partners and spouses. Muskos, 42, both believes the Swedish people are not spending enough time with their partners and recognizes the toll that the hectic workday can have on stress levels. He hopes that the paid “sex leave” could help not only to bolster people’s relationships, but to improve their mental and physical health.

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“There are studies that show sex is healthy. It’s about having better relationships,” said Muskos.

Of course, not everyone has the option of a partner or the desire to swap the office for the sheets mid workday grind (no pun intended). But the idea of an enforced hour-long break to do anything to better your wellbeing – whether a walk, a yoga class or a sweet, passionate lovemaking session – is one of merit.

Muskos stresses that the hour is about health and wellness than it is about anything (i.e. it’s not for getting buzzed in the local pub). Because of this, as MailOnline reports, Muskos believes his motion will be passed without a doubt.

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