Swab Your Cheek Save A Life

Swab Your Cheek, Save A Life

Yes it can be that easy! If you’re between 17-35, please join us and spread the word.

Mark Spiegle, has been fighting lymphoma since 2009 and was recently diagnosed with MDS – another blood cancer. He needs a stem cell transplant to beat the illness.

To help Mark, and the nearly 1,000 Canadian patients also waiting to find their donor, a drive for people to register to become stem cell donors is taking place.

The process is easy! Just show up, swab your cheek and you’re done. 60 seconds is all it takes and you could save a life. OneMatch will only accept donors between the ages of 17-35. If you do not fall into this age range, then please pass on this invite to those you know who are.

The Vitals

What: Swab Your Cheek, Save A Life

When: Sep.29, 2103

Where: Holy Blossom Temple, 1950 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Info:To learn more about the process click here