Sustaining Stories and Developing Dreams

The Salama SHIELD Foundation is presenting an evening that aims to highlight the foundation’s role as an entity that challenges the charitable sector’s terminology and status quo. This challenge represents an attempt to “evolve for relevancy” and renew the desire to give. The event will explore the storied roots of where its development work began, its emerging understanding of the socio-cultural DNA that furnishes the capacity for authentic development, and how as an NGO it intends to remain relevant, responsible, and innovative in the years ahead. 

Leave your gala dress at home – this is the real NGO deal.

The Vitals

What: Philanthropy for non-profit sector  
When: June 12
Time: 7:00pm 
Where: Burroughes Building, 639 Queen St. W
For more information, click here.


 #LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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