Survey: This Province Has Canada’s Worst Drivers

Citizens in every province probably like to believe that they’re dealing with the worst drivers in the country on a daily basis.

Well, there’s finally some factual closure.

A survey conducted by Insights West determined that Canadians believe drivers in British Columbia are by far the worst in the country. Not signalling a turn caused the most ire (84 per cent of respondents said they saw a B.C. driver commit this offence), while cars taking up more than one parking spot also irked a lot of people (70 per cent)

Not stopping at an intersection, turning from an incorrect lane, and general close calls were also reported.

When asked about who’s particularly terrible behind the wheel, respondents identified the young and the old. Oh, and ethnicity, to an extent, as well as the main cause of infractions: cell phones.

“While some keep the focus primarily on country of origin, others are upset with drivers who continue to illegally use their mobile devices while behind the wheel.”

Another survey will be conducted in a few years to see if things have changed; since the last inquiry five years ago, Canadians believe drivers on the roads are worse now.