Survey Says: Wearing Colourful Outfits Could Help Your Career

If you’re in the market for a raise or a promotion, you may want to add some colourful outfits to your wardrobe.

As reported by The Telegraph, a new survey by personalized phone case firm Case Station found that wearing a splash of colour to the office, as opposed to traditionally dull business attire, can benefit your career.

That’s because it makes you look more imaginative, confident, and creative. Not to mention, you’ll stand out from your co-workers visually, if you don’t already because of what are your surely unbelievable contributions to the workforce.

Naturally, this can lead to pay raises and promotions. But wearing a splash of colour (especially in those dead-of-winter months) also makes us feel better too.

The survey involved 2000 young British workers aged 18-34. While 20 per cent of those asked for their opinion say they avoid colour all together, opting to play it safe with black, white and grey, others felt their colourful attire helped their career cause.

Here are some of the key findings:

One in five 18 to 34 year olds credit wearing bright or colourful clothing with scoring a promotion.

Twenty per cent of 25 to 34 year olds insist it helped secure a pay raise.

One in 25 (4 per cent) of 2,000 workers quizzed say they earn £10,000 or more per year than they would otherwise thanks to an investment in stylish clothes with a splash of colour.

Twenty-five per cent of British workers claimed was their taste in fashion that landed them the job to begin with.

One in three people said they felt more positive when they wore brighter, colourful clothing and 27 per cent said that it made them more confident.

According to the survey, wearing a splash of colour makes 25 per cent of respondents happier.

Wearing colour makes one in five feel more energetic and 14 per cent more creative.

Twenty-three per cent of men and women said that seeing others in patterns and bright attire made them feel happier in the workplace.

Twenty-one per cent report they admire the fashion sense of their co-workers, and 11 per cent wished they had more confidence to do so themselves.

Twenty-seven per cent said that wearing multi-coloured or patterned clothing is the best way to make you appear creative or imaginative. This is followed by red (15 per cent) and purple (10 per cent).

Refreshingly, it appears we’re making a shift from the dull and stuffy office attire that many have become accustomed to in the 9-5 grind. I wonder how long it will take for Converse to become acceptable across the board – whether you’re in fashion or finance?

Title image courtesy of SuitSupply.