Survey Proves Chris Pratt’s Ripped Bod is Above the Dad Bod Trend

Surely you’ve heard of – or even swooned over – dad bods by now. For those still in the dark, the term dad bod refers to the type of utilitarian body a 45-year-old father of three would lug around between bouts of brew in the backyard man cave and meeting the pizza delivery guy at the front door of the actual residence. You know, the kind of frame Leonardo DiCaprio’s boasting these days.

Apparently women love them. 

Or so the Internet told us until former dad bod owner Chris Pratt put an end to all this nonsense with an opinion-swaying ripped bod. 

Defamer used the Parks and Rec star as a case study to determine one of the most glaring questions of early to mid-2015: do people really prefer flab over fit? 

The answer was a decently convincing ‘no’. Almost a third of those polled preferred Chris Pratt’s recently unveiled ripped bod versus the dad bod version. Females were more likely to sway towards Pratt’s toned torso than males, and those between the ages of 13 and 17 overwhelmingly voted ripped bod – likely because they’ve reached the age to be appalled by their own dads’ bods. 

Citizens of Botswana, Libya, Bolivia, and Kazakhstan, meanwhile, were into dads.

If you’re curious about the results from your region, which we know you are, you can cast your vote and access this incredibly useful info through here.

The world is so weird in 2015.


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