Survey: Millennials Would Rather Post their Paychecks On Social Media Than Their Search Histories

In 2015, sharing is caring. Be it a picture of your brunch or an outpouring of emotion that illustrates your current mental state – very little is private in this day and age.

But a recent survey, conducted by Capital One, has found that 58 per cent of Millennials say they would rather post a photo of their paycheck on Instagram than share their Google search history on Facebook.

Which is great if it means we’re proud of how much we’re earning. Or it could just mean we’ve been looking at some seriously odd stuff online (and you, hiding behind your completely blank browser history – you’re even sketchier).

While we may have spent too much of our time looking at weird and wild things on the internet, we’re still a serious bunch – two thirds of us would rather have a steady job with a modest income than become a millionaire who may go bust in a few years.

So what floats Millennials boats when it comes to romance? Gifts lavished upon us and recklessly expensive dates nights out? Not quite. 13 per cent said that being irresponsible with money was a big no-no for them when it came to relationships (“Cineplex? On a Friday? Is it your birthday, Richie Rich?”)

And if you do go make it out for dinner, just make sure you pick up the check once in a while. Because 14 per cent said that being a money moocher was a total deal breaker.

While a sensible 21 per cent of us said we would opt for a retina scan as a password option for accessing our finances, 8 per cent said they would use a series of emojis. (Please enter your password now: crying face, crying face, aubergine, poo with eyes). Really guys?

And although it seems we’re pretty set on technology – 45 per cent would use Facebook to manage their money – it seems that when we’re really in a jam, nothing but speaking to another human being will do. 42 per cent said that if faced with an issue with their account at 2am, they would want to speak to one (read: yell at one).

But there was one thing almost everyone agreed on.

The top five answer pairings, when asked about financial goals, all included “Not living paycheck to paycheck” as something they hoped to achieve. Well, good luck.

So, Millennials may be open to sharing almost anything. Just don’t touch their laptop while they go to the bathroom.