Surprise! You’re in a Relationship

Remember being 13?

You know, when your crush asked you out and you were instantly in a committed relationship.

Everything was so much simpler then.

But nowadays, young professionals in the dating game face some big challenges when monogamy comes knocking, and somehow most of us still aren’t as good as our adolescent selves when it comes to talking about it.

Sometimes, mature adults have this conversation over wine and a well-plated meal, while other times, both parties are left to figure it out for themselves.

And then sometimes, things like this happen:

1. Your friends haven’t seen you in weeks (extra point if your roommate hasn’t either).
You’re so wrapped up in that one person that going straight from work to their place, then home in the morning to shower, becomes pretty normal. And your friends are noticing that you missed Wing Night.

2. Certain kinds of grooming fall by the wayside.
There are some things that should just NEVER be neglected, but a little less makeup or an extra five-o’clock shadow are sure signs you’re getting comfortable. And that can be an okay thing. 

3. You’re very familiar with each other’s eating habits.
He hates mushrooms. She only eats free-run. Knowing how your new partner in time sustains themselves with food, and being accommodating of it at home and when you’re out, means you just might be a couple.

4. Online dating profiles have been deleted, or at least neglected.
Everyone’s different, but it’s pretty normal that once you think you might have found someone worth trying it out with, you’re not so into the virtual pick-up scene anymore. So if you’ve been seeing someone for a few months and there are active accounts on either side that might be a tick in the “still single” column.

5. You’ve been hooking up sober for a while now.
Depending on your party habits, an absence of liquid courage in the bedroom can definitely signify a step in the direction of commitment. Don’t get too excited, though, as this alone doesn’t mean they’re in it for the long haul. 

6. You comfortably assumed they’d be your Christmas party date.
They’re showing you off to their co-workers, and didn’t even consider other options. The best part will come when they introduce you. “This is my…” Tip: regardless of what title they assign you, this is always an opportunity to show some confidence.

7. Essential items are at their place.
Toothbrushes, lucky bras, sports jerseys, phone chargers. If you’ve moved passed the strategic leave-behind, the whereabouts of these items are tell-tale signs that you might be in a relationship. However, secretly sneaking these items into the drawer beside their sink might be taken as pushy, so avoid this move if you can.

8. You hang out in silence and it’s OK.
You’re on the couch with your laptop catching up on work while they’re catching up on Game of Thrones. Neither of you are talking and it’s kind of nice. If you can picture this scene, guess what, you may just have an SO.

9. Their friends aren’t surprised to see you on a night out/in.
If you’ve become a staple of their social scene and their friends know not to hit on you, you’re definitely getting into commitment territory.

10. You have a key.
Unless they gave it to you solely to watch their cat while they were in Vegas for the weekend, this is a pretty clear sign they trust you and want you around. For a while.

11. You don’t WANT to kiss other people.
Again, everyone is different and your eye might always harmlessly wander, but if you’ve both willingly chosen to put an end to the un-spoken cycle of possibilities, that’s the best sign. So embrace it…because winter is coming.


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