Sunday Satire — Daddy isn’t Always Right, Especially When Trump is the Elephant in the Room

We’ve heard people say things like “who cares, not our country, not our problem” but I think we all know that’s not a realistic perspective. Thanks to the inaccurate portrayal brought to us by mainstream media we kind of all thought we had this whole election thing down, at least I did.

While both candidates had their faults, millions everywhere had to choose the best from the worst. It seemed that Hillary was resonating with all of my peers, including myself. This came from the fact that Trump was anti-everything we believed in, and still believe in.

It was hard to refrain from judging others based on their political views this time around – to each their own, right? Especially when we are talking to our own father?

But this isn’t some daddy issues complex, this is the scary realization and knowledge that someone you have loved for your whole damn life supports someone who has used the phrase “grab her by the pussy,” has called Mexicans rapists, and mocked the physically disabled. The list is much longer than that, of course.

What if he insists that everyone is just too sensitive nowadays and that America’s going to be praising him after he brings a bunch of jobs in-house. I have no doubt that Trump is a good business man, despite his tax loopholes and financial ambiguity at times, but since when is the President (or any leader) praised for a few isolated skills?

As a feminist, someone who stands for the absolute equality for all, I’m dying inside – I mean technicality yes we’re all dying but more so my soul is taking a hit. The man who raised me, the man who has never treated me differently than my male counterparts and has shown me love also supports this leader I can’t even….

The battle between my dad and I hasn’t been a quiet one and while I’ve spent a large part of my energy trying to change him and explain to him that there are societal consequences of being a supporter, aside from the personal impact, the words have not been well received.

I don’t know what’s to come but I do know that this election and presidency has provided me with a lot of disappointing awareness. I’ve got hope for Lusty Justy here in Canada but unfortunately I can’t say the same for Donald.