Summer Fitness Ideas for Couples

Healthy relationships go beyond the ability to resolve conflict and bring out the best in each other. From time to time in relationships, we find we let ourselves slack a little in the fitness department. You are the company you keep and chances are that if your boyfriend or girlfriend maintains a physically active lifestyle and strives to look his or her personal best, you will as well. Of course, romantic dinners and nights in on the couch are important, but sometimes the best bonding happens doing things that encourage interaction and challenge. Here are some ways to have fun and get fit with your significant other this summer.  

Hit the Water
We are blessed that most of our cities are on the water, yet many young professionals may not take advantage of this. On a sunny weekend day, rent a canoe and explore the waterfront. Not only does this make for a romantic way to spend the afternoon, it gives your arms a stellar workout and requires teamwork, with one person to paddle in the bow and the other in the stern (the front and back, respectively). Afterward, reward yourselves with a waterside dinner on a patio.

Explore your City on Foot
Many people underestimate the amount of calories burned while walking. Dedicate an afternoon to walking from one end of your city to the other, stopping at hidden gems, favourite spots and new establishments throughout your journey. Try a different place for coffee, another for an appetizer, one for a meal and one for dessert. While you’re at it, be open check out any thing else you may stumble upon, like galleries, vintage clothing stores or parks. This will make for a memorable day that neither of you will forget anytime soon, and you may even discover a new “our spot.”

Play Sports
Engage in a little friendly competition and commit to a weekly standing engagement to hit the tennis court, either just the two of you, or against another couple. A weekly tennis match is not only an excuse to embrace your inner preppy in a cute outfit, but it is one of those sports that typically requires constant play to improve (and subsequently to optimize your workout). If tennis isn’t your thing, you and your significant other could join a team – perhaps softball, basketball or soccer – together. Playing a sport engages different muscle groups and playing on the same team can help build an even stronger relationship.

Start the Day with an Outdoor Boot Camp
The prospect of waking up before the birds to engage in rigorous boot camp will be much more enticing if you have a partner (especially one right there next to you to drag you out of bed) to do it with you. You can enjoy some quality time in your walk to the park and look forward to a post-game breakfast or smoothie with your significant other to start the day off right. Set individual weight loss and fitness goals, encourage one another, and perhaps even plan a beach or cottage weekend away at the end of it all to show off your new beach bodies…and enjoy one another’s. 

Remember those places on the side of the highway you’d drive by as kids and beg your parents to stop? You know, the ones with the go-cart tracks, mini golf and questionably safe-looking waterslides? Hit up one of these places and head for the batting cages or the rock-climbing wall. You will get to bond while indulging your inner child and can even reward yourself with a snow cone afterward, should you be so inclined. 

Although not exclusively a summer sport, boxing is one of our favourite fitness activities for couples. Not only is boxing training an activity that typically requires a partner, but it is a good way to release any pent up aggression you may have toward the other person, and one that is guaranteed to make you sweat and provide a killer workout.

Of course, we can’t not mention the typical couples activities like biking and jogging together but your workout will be more fun if you think outside the box this summer and – much like your sex life – spice it up from time to time. Don’t forget to reward yourselves with things like dinners, visits to the ice cream shop or couples massages to treat those hard working muscles.

Photo courtesy Time and Truffles