Sugar Shackin’ Good Times at Terrasse Nelligan

Being anointed into becoming a true Montrealer means having to participate in the sugar shack tradition also known as cabane à sucre. Since we still hadn’t been baptized by this experience, and our free time to drive out and visit a true Quebecois shack is scarce as young professionals, we opted for the next best thing: an urban sugar shack in the heart of Old Montreal!

The third annual Terrasse à Sucre hosted on Hôtel Nelligan’s heated rooftop was our stop this Saturday night. Greeted by a handsome little devil our companion Josh Silver named “papa scratchy,” we entered the lit up Terrasse to meet his other buddies in the shack’s little bunny petting zoo.

You might think that it might be really darn chilly on the roof, but threat not, the combination of heaters, atmosphere, people and springtime entertainment really warms the entire place up. 

While we sat down at our table, Les Danseux provided a lively, traditional acoustic Quebecois-style set that made a lot of guests dance, sway and sing along around the Terrasse. 

Now to the menu. Unlike the buffet-style setup of previous years, this edition provides table service, ensuring the yumminess arrived sizzling hot! The set menu items included all the favourites, like pea soup with salt pork, ham, sausage, baked beans, the delicious maple pie and, of course, tire sur la neige! 

All the Maple products come courtesy of Les Délices de l’Érable, Quebec’s premier maple boutique and supplier, including this amazing cocktail that heated things up quite a bit. 

The Sugar Shack is running until the end of April; Friday and Saturday offer first sittings between 5:30pm and 8:45pm, and second sittings between 9pm and 11:20pm. On Sunday, the Terrasse à Sucre opens for brunch between 10am and noon and offers a second sitting from 12:15pm to 3pm. 

This is also a great alternative for a work outing or a party, since the terrace can accommodate private parties for a special minimum rate. We were sitting next to one tonight – talk about a rowdy, fun bunch of young professionals; they were eating up a storm and dancing away.

Booking can be done directly on Terrasse Nelligan’s website or you can call them directly at: (514) 788-4021.

Shack on!