Stylish Men Around the World Are Taking #Selfies and Tagging Them #Suitfie

Dapper gents from all over the social media world are showing off their stylish digs and tagging them as #Suitfie.

Yes ladies, start searching away.

With the casual trend sweeping the nation – subsequently filling men’s closets with tees, sneakers, and jeans – it’s refreshing to see that some men out there are still making time for a street style worthy suit.

‘Cause you can never go wrong with wearing one.


In a social media world filled with duck faces, skinnify apps, and mirror selfies, we’re happy to see that the some gentlemen are stepping it up and showcasing a different side of the selfie world.

So we scoured the net and compiled some of our favourite #Suitfies for your viewing pleasure.

Men, take notes.

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