Style Spotlight: Rebus

Young professionals love their weekends. They typically mark a stark contrast to the workweek in mentality, activity and dress. Rebus Productions has quickly become one of our weekend staples for loungewear and denim. The second you slip into their famous LAZY PANTS™ or handcrafted denim, you’ll know exactly why. By now, you probably recognize the brand from the streets of the city by the signature “three bird logo,” with three birds in harmonious flight. And you’ve probably thought to yourself ‘where an I get a pair of those sweatpants?’ Established in 2010, Rebus gear is designed by young professionals for young professionals and to reflect Toronto’s diversity and style. Street-savvy YPs can’t get enough.


After sporting the brand ourselves since the launch, and seeing it within a small circle of young professionals, we can expect to see more of the signature logo on Toronto streets. To commemorate Rebus’ debut SS and FW 2012 Collection, The Nest, Rebus has teamed up with world famous hat company New Era Caps to make a series of exclusive Rebus branded 5950 hats. We will get to check these out firsthand on Tuesday, January 31st at the New Era Cap flagship (202 Queen West) for an exclusive, branded event to showcase the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, The Nest and these coveted promotional REBUS x NEW ERA 5950 caps.

Rebus Premium Denim is the core product offering of Rebus and The Nest, and is available in five styles or washes and two cuts or fits. The high quality denim is designed in Toronto and handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey, tailored for ultimate comfort and modern form with a timeless design. The two male/female denim fits include The Crow/Dove Skinny, which are truly the world’s best skinny…and we have quite the collection of skinnys. The Hawk/Swan Slimmy is a sexy, versatile straight-slim cut that can be worn for a big night out, a Sunday brunch or just kicking it around the city. At $150, it is a welcomed option to paying more than double that as you would with your typical designer jean. 


Like most YPs, we have been picky about our sweatpants from the days of junior high. The LAZY PANTS™ lounge pant is well constructed, using high-quality fabrics, and marks a welcomed return to the sweat pant basics with a sturdy elastic leg band, a thicker premium fleece, and the perfect amount of leg room. The debut colours for SS12 are navy, charcoal, grey and dark teal.

The YP team behind Rebus is Moshe Modeira and Adam Bledin, born and bred Torontonians and friends since high school. With its fresh, youthful feel, Rebus products are designed to reflect and celebrate Toronto’s distinct style.  But it’s not just Torontonians who are talking about the brand. Rebus’ LAZY PANTS™ had our friends south of the border buzzing earlier this month at Project New York and even caught the attention of GQ Magazine. It’s full-speed ahead for this YP team and their beloved brand and we can’t wait to cheers to their success on Tuesday!


Rebus retails at:
Leigh and Harlow