Style Alert: H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Men’s Collection

H&M seems to always cater to our young professional fashion needs, whether it’s with their extremely attainable price points or their easy-to-wear collections and smart trends. This time around is no different. With spring just around the corner (or so we hope), the amount of YP men biking around the city will be increasing by the numbers. Since a lot of professionals have put the whole car game aside and taken up a more “green” way of traveling around town, cycling wardrobe is of utmost importance. That’s where the brains behind H&M’s newest collection, H&M for Brick Lane Bikes, come in.

So just how is this fit for today’s YP man? Well, the collection is specifically designed for the urban lifestyle with each piece having all the technical details needed for better cycling, with the versatile city cyclist style that can be worn all day long. The great part is that it’s the perfect stylish solution to jump on your Bixi and go to work without having to bring extra clothes. Each piece has been designed so it can be worn on or off the bike, inspired by the vibrant colours and specialist knowledge that makes London’s Brick Lane Bikes – the UK’s first fixed-gear bike store specializing in custom-made bikes – a leader. To truly make this the best YP cycling gear, the Brick Lanes team tested every single piece around the streets of London, making sure that the collection really works and delivers what it promises. 

Since today’s professional male is quite detail-oriented, this collection made sure to consider every little aspect of its pieces. For example, the rider jacket from the Brick Lane Bikes collection is made from water repellent and breathable material, with ventilation holes under the sleeves and taped seams. It’s cut longer at the back, with a back pocket and straps inside the jacket so it can be worn as a backpack – genius! The crewneck top has zip and ventilation holes, as well as sleeves cut for extra mobility, while the rider t-shirt has a functional pocket on the back. The collection is completed with riders trousers similar to a functional chino (or khaki pant if you prefer). Fashion functionality at its best. 

So jump on a bike and embrace an eco-lifestyle Canada, we highly encourage it! 

The collection will be launched on March 7th at the Montreal flagship store on Sainte-Catherine Street. Go green!