Study Finds Majority of Millennial Workers Feel “Vacation Shamed” for Taking Time Off

Despite being the generation that’s supposed to embody the work-life balance movement, millennial workers are actually the ones feeling guilty about taking vacation time.

In a recent study by Alamo Rent A Car, 59 per cent of millennials reported being “vacation shamed” in the workplace for not only taking vacations, but for planning them as well. This was accurate only 41 per cent of the time for those those 35 and older.

To make things worse, 22 per cent of those surveyed admitted that their guilt has been bad it has actually kept them from going on or planning a vacation.

The online study, which surveyed 1,500 adults, also revealed that 47 per cent of millennials said they have even felt the need to justify to their employer exactly what they plan on using their vacation days for. If you’ve ever dropped hard hints or proof that planning on going home to visit your sick grandmother as opposed to hopping on a flight to Vegas, you know what I’m talking about.

What’s more, the millennials who felt shamed for taking time off actually ended up being the ones to judge other workers. The survey found that 42 per cent of workers under 35 said they occasionally shame their co-workers for taking vacations compared to 24 per cent of workers over 35 reporting to do the same.

These numbers may come as a surprise, as you might assume that it would be the baby boomers who have been working longer, feeling guilty for using vacation time. But considering that many millennials feel insecure in their job stability, perhaps they feel as if they’ll prove their worth by staying more loyal to their desks.

Regardless, by skipping out on vacation time, millennials are missing out on spending time with their family and friends, not to mention getting much needed rest and relaxation, which would result in greater fulfillment and productivity in their work lives.

So for those with extra vacation days, perhaps consider visiting an incredible destination that’s catered towards young professionals.