String of Robberies Hit Luxury Boutiques in Europe

Parisian shop Colette, Chanel’s London boutique, and now Celine and Dior’s Parisian stores have all been robbed in just over a month – a rough few weeks for high-end luxury boutiques.

The Chanel store on Brompton Road in London was raided on Good Friday by three men who crashed a stolen Audi through the front window of the shop, stealing around 26 handbags and other items worth more than $84,000. The men left in another car and left over $40,000 in damages.

A few days later, on Wednesday morning, prior to the Dior Parisian flagship store’s opening, two masked men made way with a number of bags and shoes from the stockroom with an estimated value of just less than $140,000. The men threatened a security guard with a pistol and sprayed the shop down with a fire extinguisher to remove any evidence before they took off.

The next morning, a man swiped almost $70,000 from the Celine boutique after threatening staff with guns.

Police believe that the merchandise is shipped on a boat to the Continent immediately after it is stolen, as they have never recovered much of it in the UK.

According to statistics at the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security, robberies have been steadily on the rise in France since 2008. Commercial business saw a 4.1 per cent increase last year. It is still unknown whether any of the burglaries are linked.

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