Straight From the Runway: Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

Hannah Yakobi is an award-winning journalist and communications specialist. Throughout her career, she has written for the National Post, OK! Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, Canwest newspaper network and dozens of publications around the world. Currently, she is the Editor-in-Chief of FAJO Magazine, a Canadian publication with staff in Canada, U.S. and U.K.

With Toronto Fashion Week just around the corner, many renowned Canadian designers are putting final touches on their Fall/Winter 2012 collections. In the meantime, every well-respected fashionista (and fashionisto) is dreaming of getting their hands on the spring/summer pieces by the said designers.

I had a meeting with FAJO’s resident stylist, Amalia Bentivoglio, today and we were discussing some of the current trends. Womenswear collections can be generally described as “delicate femininity,” while menswear this season carries an air of “preppy chic.”

I think the best two examples could be taken straight from the catwalk of the fashion week in Toronto: Bustle Clothing for men and VAWK for women. Here are the top five trends for each.

Bustle, Spring/Summer 2012:

1. Pastel colours predominate, with plenty of pinks, greys and whites. They are also paired with royal blues. More importantly, carrot colour makes a sudden appearance and creates a true “popping” effect. (It is also very dominant at catwalks around the world.)
2. The preppy look is comfortable but sexy. Suit sleeves are rolled up and blazers are paired with T-shirts.
3. Shorts make a strong return.
4. There are no patterns, except for lines: both horizontal and vertical. Very nautical.
5. Medium-sized, darker shade sunglasses are a must.


VAWK, Spring/Summer 2012

1. Swimsuits become sexier than ever, with plenty of cutouts and true accentuation of the woman’s body. They are mostly in black and white, and have a real Bond woman feel.
2. Soft fabrics create an ethereal feel. Silks and chiffons generate an angelic look.
3. Slits, deep V-necks and strapless dresses make a triumphant return.
4. Colours of choice are pastel greys, blacks, whites, muted pinks and caramels.
5. The accent is on dresses of all lengths.

Other trends that I have seen on the catwalk, and that I strongly recommend, include: mini shorts, plenty of patterned dresses and lots of red for women; for men, patterned blazers, vests, bowties, as well as biker-style leather jackets.

Final piece of advice: when you shop these trends, buy only what you love. Never settle for less.

Photos: Kareen Mallon