Stolichnaya’s Most Elite Vodka Hits LCBO Shelves

Young professionals will be tipping their martini glasses to news that Stolichnaya’s premium brand of Russian vodka is now available on LCBO shelves across Ontario, permanently. Appropriately named elit by Stolichnaya, this super clean export is light on the nose, full of smooth flavour, and offers just a shadow of toasted grain.

Experience elit by Stoli slowly – no shots necessary – and let sweet notes of aniseed and contrasting pepper linger in your mouth as the taste unfolds.  Let it sit on your tongue; the longer you wait, the spicier the finish. An extensive process of distilling, sub-zero temperature cooling and thermos tank storage that we’d rather not delve into give it a smooth and clean taste that rivals the elite brands in the vodka category.

It goes without saying that elit by Stoli is best served chilled, either near or on the rocks. Use it as a martini base, or mix it up and create your own cocktails. Keep a bottle in your freezer at all times, you never know when you’ll need to break out your power threads and impress the company.

Our secret pairing? Enjoy with caviar and a date…