Steve Nash Should Come To Toronto

Sometimes words like truth and logic just don’t matter. We know they’re there and we know what they mean, but you know what? Screw ‘em. Steve Nash should come to Toronto. There, we said it. And it feels damn good, too.

Sure, he’s about 97 years old, has a bad back, plays defense like a pylon, and carries around a $19-million contract, but after supporting Andrea Bargnani for seven years, Nash will seem like a godsend. We’re talking about an opportunity to have the current GM of the Canadian National Basketball Team play for the only professional basketball team in the country. If we trust him to run an entire national organization, surely we can count on him to drop a few double-doubles throughout the season.

The thing is, basketball is a business. And while Nash’s contract might sound huge, it’s nothing compared to the amount the Raps will make off the butts he’ll put in the seats. It’s definitely not unheard of to make such a move. The San Francisco Giants just handed pitcher Tim Lincecum $35-million for the next two seasons. Is it because they believe he’ll regain his Cy Young form? Probably not. It likely has a heck of a lot more to do with the fact that the Bay Area loves him and will come out to see him play ball. And can you honestly say you wouldn’t head down to the ACC to see the only Canadian basketball giant (in terms of accomplishments, not height – Nash ‘only’ stands at around 6’3”) toss a few alley-oops while sporting red and white?

Of course this also depends on Nash admitting to himself that he’s not going to win a championship. But that doesn’t seem like too much to ask when you’re going to get an entire nation’s love and respect in return (and the fact that there aren’t many championship calibre teams out there looking for a point guard who came into the league when Toni Braxton still had hits).

The Raptors say they’re rebuilding. You know what helps with that? Money. And in that sense, Nash has to be worth every penny. Not only that, but he’s one of the most respected leaders in the league. Put him in a locker room with the young fellas and let some of that two-time MVP stardust rub off. Whether it’s this year or next, it’d be a shame not to have the hometown hero finally come home for good.

So, like we said, Steve Nash should come to Toronto. Go ahead and say it too. It just sounds right.