Step Inside A Beautiful Architect House at The Beaches Just Outside of Toronto

This story was created in collaboration with TOWER TRIP Magazine, which explores exceptional houses and offices in Canada.


I have been following Alex Brott for more than a year now, so when we met in Toronto, I felt like I already knew her a little. The way she writes the descriptions for her listings, her newsletter or infamous blog is simply refreshing and vivid, thanks to her background in the music industry.


“You probably noticed by now that I make a lot of references and quote lyrics from catchy songs in my marketing” confesses Alex.


We therefore took a drive 20 minutes just outside the city to an area locals affectionate, especially in the summer: The Beaches. It’s not far enough to be a retreat, but it definitely feels like an escapade! The day was moody and wet, but I could picture the ice cream days ahead.


“Residents here can just go out for a stroll with the dogs, clip off the leashes and roam free before diner” she explains. What a great way to unwind and unclutter your thoughts after work.


Alex agreed to show me a semi-detached house, literally steps away from the sand, where houses seem to blend perfectly with nature and dwellers appreciate and cherish their environment. Also when you see solar panels on the neighbours roofs, that definitely means money.


This property was the home of an architect, who completely redesigned the space to make it perfect for a family and entertainment. The living room and the lobby welcome guests while the kitchen and the dining room are upstairs, connecting with the immense deck.


“Step outside and breathe. The whole second floor and open kitchen feels like a tree house in the summer, when the leaves wrap it up completely.”

Exclusions: The cat.


Alex leaves notes here and there in the property for upcoming visitors. A brochure also details genuine facts and comments about the house that she compiled from the previous owners. This extra care for her clients shows. She also owns her own home staging company in order to sometimes upgrade the interiors of listings for shoots & showings. Little things.


“This is so important to feel the house and understand those little things and features that makes it inhabitable” tells me Alex over the brochure and a hot coffee.


I’d like to thanks Alex Brott for the lovely visit and a genuine experience. She also “Ubered” me home, since she had to stay for an upcoming private showing right after. Again, it’s those little things that allows her servicing and attention to stand apart. For more details about this property, see the official listing.