Station 16 Launches NYC Meets MTL Exhibit

Station 16 Gallery, the Main’s favourite art stop and hub for showcasing the work of local and international graffiti and street artists, is launching its spankin’ new group show, NYC meets MTL, today! 

Art lovers and newbies alike will enjoy a variety of work that will feature current New York street artists, including COST, Dain, DeeDee, Elle, ENX, Enzo & Nio, Gilf, Hanksy, Nicholas Forker and Queen Andrea, alongside Montreal’s most prominent contributors, such as Eugene (Laurence Vallières), Labrona, Alex Produkt, Alex Scanner, Stikki Peaches, Roadsworth and Whatisadam. We recently wrote about Stikki Peaches and his work, so if you want a little refresher on some of the awesomeness you can expect there, read up. The exhibition is a declaration of solidarity between two east coast cultural hubs. The works presented are directly influenced by the artists’ involvement with the street art movement using both cities as a medium of expression, combining a broad range of techniques and artistic influences. 

The Notable part? This exhibition marks the return of graffiti legends COST and Roadsworth to the gallery scene after two very public arrests… risk for art and love, right? 

The opening night will take place at Station 16 Gallery, 3523 Boul. Saint-Laurent, tonight from 6-9pm and will go on until November 4th, 2013.