Started from the Bottom…Now Drake Has His Own Search Engine?

Next time you have a question, you can go ahead and “Drake” it. 

The homegrown superstar now has his own search engine – complete with Drake-themed sound effects and music. 

Let Me Drake That For You seems pretty similar to Google at first, but once you start searching, it finds results that are tied back to the artist. 

No matter what you search for. 

Meaning, if you type in “sad,” you’ll find pictures of Drake looking sad. 

The only catch? The engine produces anything “Drake-related,” whether it’s actually about the rapper or not (i.e. The Drake Planetarium and Science Centre, people with the last name “Drake,” and perhaps Toronto’s Drake Hotel). 

Either way, the idea’s pretty genius, and we wonder how long it will take for other artists and companies to jump on the bandwagon. 

Oh, looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic already has. 

And there goes your productivity for the afternoon.



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