Start Up Spotlight: Giftagram

Have you heard of Giftagram yet? If you’re a connected Toronto young professional (YP), it’s likely you have. Perhaps you were even one of the lucky ones to receive a limited edition Ruby Red dark chocolate Soma chocolate bar this past Valentine’s Day via the new mobile gifting app. For those in the dark, Giftagram is a YP-run Toronto tech start-up that offers a mobile app that sends real, physical gifts from your iPhone via email or text. Launched in September, in ample time for the holidays and the increasing mass desire to avoid stressful shopping malls, Giftagram is the brainchild of Jason Reid, a young Toronto entrepreneur. Though still new, business is promising and we have a feeling that this start-up is here to stay. 

The process couldn’t be simpler for fellow time-strapped but social YPs: Download Giftagram, register with email or Facebook, choose the gift, choose your contact, and your gift will be delivered in 2-3 days. All you need is your iPhone and a credit card. It’s that easy – three clicks easy, actually. You don’t need to find their home address either, which could be awkward; all you need is their email address or phone number. When the recipient accepts, they provide their address and they deliver your gift in a Giftagram box.   

With Giftagram, your busy schedule is no excuse to be thoughtless when it comes to special occasions with friends or family… or to show up with the gift certificate that you picked up at the drug store or gas station on the way. Giftagram offers tastefully curated, high quality gifts for every occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to thank yous and get betters. Or for no reason at all (and yes, that’s a hint).

Specifically designed with Toronto YPs in mind, gifts range from items like Jenny Bird jewellery, 889 Yoga packages, guilty indulgences like the beloved macaron and never-disappearing cupcake, Hammam Spa certificates, bottles of Moet and Chandon Brut, the hot party game Cards Against Humanity, plus many more. That pretty much covers your significant other, coworker, younger brother and newly engaged couple right there. Speaking of which, the baby section could soon come in handy for that same couple. In addition to such recipient categories like him, her and baby, it is also neatly divided into price categories that range from under $50 to over $100. 

Instead of running to find that gift on your lunch break or way home (or sending your secretary to do so), check out Giftagram for yourself.

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