St. Henri Has a New Coffee Shop and it Has a Story

We love solving mysteries.

You may have recently been driving on Notre Dame St. around the Atwater Market area and seen a Buck 15 logo with, well, a buck on a window and wondered what it’s all about.

Well, wonder no more – it’s a coffee shop with a great story.

Roy Riettie was living in Toronto when his business went bankrupt. He had no credit, no job, and lived in an apartment with his wife and two kids on a blowup mattress and a TV.

After working two to three jobs a week, the family managed to save some money and decided to relocate to Montreal. On his way over, Roy had exactly $1.15 (Buck 15) change in his pocket. The idea of one day opening a coffee shop sprung from that very moment.

Six years later, it’s finally arrived.

Thanks to Roy’s love of architecture and design, the space is one that everybody can appreciate. Originally from a warmer climate, Roy’s created an atmosphere that’s light, bright, and very minimal. Picture: California esthetic.

Roy shared with us that he couldn’t take full credit for the design as he worked alongside great local artists and craftsmen who easily recognized the vision he had and helped make it come to life. The attractive result includes influences from Badger Services, Mr.Sign, WIA-What is Adam, Stikki Peaches, Station16, and Dave Roy.

As great as the space is, however, it wouldn’t matter if Buck 15 couldn’t back it up with great coffee.

Luckily, their delicious brew is supplied from SpyHouse in Minneapolis and includes several espresso options (think: cortado/cappuccino/latte), cold brew (made in house), lemonade, pour over, hot chocolate (from Mast Brothers), and anything else you might expect.

They also wanted bring the California toast trend to Montreal. (Yes, you are right to be very excited.)

And by offering a toast bar featuring breads from Hof Kelsten and Guillaume with various home made spreads (Roy’s strawberry jam is made by his wife) along with almond butter/honey, cinnamon and sugar, Nutella with Himalayan salt, cream cheese/guava jelly, and local butter.

Did someone say yum?

Things are going so great, in fact, that Buck 15 plans to bottle their own Cold Brew by next spring. And you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get a heads up on which day of the week and which drink will randomly be on special – for $1.15 of course.

Buck 15 is located on 3027 Notre Dame Ouest and is open Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm, Friday to Saturday 7 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 8 am to 3 pm.


Photo Credit: Buck15

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