Squire, the ‘Uber for Haircuts’, Streamlines Going to the Barbershop

We asked but startups just won’t stop – if it’s an app and it’s a business, it’s the ‘Uber of…’

In this case, though, we don’t care. We’ll deal with the cliche label if it means no longer having to book an appointment two weeks in advance just to get our hair trimmed from two inches down to 1.5 inches.

This all-too-common headache serves as the foundation on which finance/lawyer duo Dave Salvant and Songe LaRon built Squire, an app that allows users to discover nearby barber shops, make an appointment, and pay for the service and tip in as little as three clicks.

Dave and Songe’s a-ha moment came when they were complaining about barbershop lines and saw how the on-demand economy offered women a way to alleviate such hassles through startups like Drybar.

Squire has since been granted $300,000 in venture funding and works with 25 New York City-based barbershops.

The next step is to expand their service beyond NYC – hopefully to Canada. ASAP.