Spring Trend: The Canadian Tuxedo

The “Canadian Tuxedo” is typically considered to be one of the ultimate fashion crimes, but this spring it seems to be one of the hottest trends around. 

The term “Canadian Tuxedo” was created when Bing Crosby and friends were denied entrance into a Canadian hotel because they were dressed in head-to-toe denim. Wearing jean on jean has a pretty bad rap, but denim dominated this season’s runways. From Balmain to Louis Vuitton, designers are creating a more modern, luxe way of wearing the famous fabric. 

Why the sudden change of heart on the look? Editors, bloggers and street stylers have been donning double denim over the last few months and some have even offered styling ideas, shifting the negative notion of clashing washes and evolving silhouettes.

Choosing a lighter wash sets the mood for a care-free, nonchalant look, but mixing and matching hues leaves an adventurous, contemporary impression. The childhood staple, denim dungarees, have resurrected this season. After featuring dungarees on the catwalks of DKNY and Hermes, fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Rita Ora and Sincerely Jules have been strapping on their overalls for spring. Balmain also embellished on the Canadian Tuxedo by ornamenting complete denim ensembles. Jill Stuart, Rebecca Taylor and Rachel Comey offered interpretations of the denim dress and Nicole Miler and BLK DNM displayed distress in their drawers. 

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez and even the President have turned Canadian when it comes to their fashion. Whether you coordinate colours or choose different hues, pile on the layers of indigo, or rock a one piece, blue has made a real resurgence for Spring 2014.

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

balmain image from blog.stylesight.com

rihanna image denim from thesportsfashionista.com

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