Spring Trend: The Adidas Stan Smith Shoe

The Adidas Stan Smith shoe was originally released in 1964 for French tennis player Robert Haillet until tennis legend Stan Smith came to the company’s attention. Since then, the shoe has become one of the most iconic shoes in history. The Stan Smith sneaker is the first all-leather performance tennis shoe, and is known for its distinct linear perforations, slimline silhouette and low profile, having sold over 30 million pairs worldwide.

Today, Stan Smith has returned to promote Stan Smith shoes. After a three-year hiatus, the classic Adidas style re-launched this January and has become the must-have accessory for during Fall 2014’s Fashion Month. Céline designer Phoebe Philo took her runway bow wearing a pair, fashion editors and other showgoers sported them in the front rows, and now the trendiest of celebrities have been seen wearing the style.

What’s the draw? “We like them because they’re the most pared down kind of sneaker there is,” says fashion writer Alice Pfeiffer. “They feel, almost look, and can be styled like regular flat lace-ups. So while sneakers are back in trend, it’s a little harder to wear crazy Air Max in elegant Paris than the casual Stan Smith.” Tennis pro Smith adds, “Sometimes simple is better. You see [other] shoes with bells and whistles and different colour stripes and styles. They’re trendy. But this has become trendy because it’s so simple.” Normcore, anyone?

When one thinks of an “it” shoe, Christian Louboutins and Manolo Blahnik’s typically come to mind, but this spring, in limited supply, the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker seems to be the most coveted and hardest shoe to find. With that being said, Adidas claims that the shoe will become more widely available in April and will eventually work its way back to being a staple of the company’s sneaker collection.

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Cover image: fashionista.com

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