Spring into Action: All the Best Workout Gear You Need to Grab This Season

We can finally smell traces of it in the air.

Spring is here. Or at least it’s very, very close.

And after that brutal winter of hibernation and takeout, it’s now time to get bathing suit ready.


And since working out is so much better when you look good (confidence is key) – here are some of our top finds for all of your outdoor exercise needs.


The Nike Running SP15 Collection’s Flyknit Lunar 3 is designed to go long – perfect for all that marathon training you’re about to start…right? The shoe is ultra-lightweight (as in, pretty much weightless) and made with plush cushioning. The best part? The bright, bold, colourful designs will get you noticed as you pound that pavement – and they match with Nike’s other bright running gear.

Check out the women’s and the men’s colours. For a personalized experience, opt for the NIKEiD option, and customize your shoes with your favourite spring colours, exclusive fabric, and a personalized message in the tongue.

As for taking that first run, ‘just do it’ already – the ice has melted and the sidewalks are ready if you are.


Let’s face it; Lacoste and tennis are practically synonymous.

Back in January, the brand revealed a new (very preppy looking) tennis racquet and fresh tennis-inspired fashion line. As expected the collection features everything we know and love about Lacoste; its country club appeal, bright and bold colour blocking, piping, clean lines, and prep school collars, but with a modern twist.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Lacoste if it didn’t feature crisp whites in ample abundance as well. 

The company launched the collection a few weeks back, complete with a series of Vine and Instagram videos, like this one:



The only thing better than CrossFit or bootcamp is doing it outdoors, and Reebok’s CrossFit line is all you need to do just that (well, aside from a will to wake up and the cost of the class). 

It features an assortment of shorts, tanks, t-shirts, caps, gloves, and runners. The gear is designed to move with your body and controls moisture. As for the footwear, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 features improved shock absorption, and is super durable, comfortable, and complete with a RopePro protection wrap that offers bite and support for rope climbs. 

The bold and sleek style of the gear and shoes means you’ll look good (even at 5am), so that you can catch the attention of your next summer fling.


It’s almost time to swap the stationary bike for the real deal. Earlier this year, New Balance revealed its C-series Cycling Sneakers. Basically, it’s the ultimate urban sneaker for the cycling set of young professional dudes. The New Balance CM600C, 996C and CT700C have the sleek silhouette of the traditional New Balance street shoe, and are complete with reflective laces, a reinforced forefoot and harder density rubber outsole to avoid flex over the pedals, and a tongue designed with a hidden pocket to keep laces away from the gears. The CT700C hi-cut even comes with an ankle strap to wrap around long pants that are a disaster waiting to happen.

Though they’re technically men’s shoes, we see no harm in any ladies scooping up a (small) pair for themselves – we just may. 

Now the only thing you have to worry about is car doors and bad drivers.


Sure, they’re not exactly high fashion. But if your definition of outdoor exercise includes hiking and water sports, Keen Footwear’s Uneek Open Air Footwear may be the most functional thing you buy this season.

After all, you don’t want to ruin your favourite runners on a hike, and it’s too hot to wear hiking boots.

The shoe swaps traditional machinery, glues, and unconventional materials for a simple, versatile two-cord design. Perfect for trips to your local national park, Uneek’s water resistant footwear footwear complements the natural shape of the foot and bends and flexes as you hike, making for a comfortable, blister-free trek. It’s griping is also designed for navigating things like wet rocks – because a fall could really kill that tranquility.


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