Spotted: Ice Fishing in the Old Port

At the marina of the Montreal Yacht Club and the famous Clock Tower lies the first-ever urban Ice Fishing Village in Quebec presented by Pêche Blanche Vieux-Montreal, opening its icy ground on January 12th. The great thing is that the ice fishing will be extremely accessible to locals and tourists looking for unique winter activities. The site was developed to fit both newbie and experienced fisherman in a setting that is completely new to Montreal.

Worried about the winter chill outside? The Village is fully equipped with heated huts, well-suited for fishing to keep you warm while your next catch is around the hook. The Village will accommodate more than 500 people at a time and there is a possibility to also rent out the entire place for all kinds of special events, such as young professional work outings adding a spin to the usual 5 a 7.

Whatever the outing, whether its family or friends, a school group or a corporate function, the best part of this entire experience is that you will be able to enjoy your catch at the Decca77 restaurant team located on-site by having Chef Darren Bergeron cook it for you – brilliant!

Threat not about the fish quality: the water between the Lachine Canal and the Jean-R. Marcotte purification station at the east end of Montreal is of excellent quality. At least 53 different species of fish can be found in the river between Montreal and Sorel, plenty of which are edible and can be enjoyed, such as burbot, bass, pike and perch.

Opening hours are Sunday to Wednesday 7am to 7pm and Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7am to 11pm; a valid fishing license is mandatory and all that information can be found on their website here.