Special Ki Menu Items Will Contribute to Alberta Flood Relief Efforts During Month of July

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar in both Calgary and Toronto are working together for the month of July to drive donations towards Red Cross Alberta’s flood relief efforts. Both locations will be adding two exclusive items to their menu until the end of the month, with a portion of the proceeds from each item’s purchase being donated. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Compressed Watermelon and Tuna: Served with baby shiso sprout and slices of sweet chilis (pictured above).

Kudo Roll: Named after the Head Chef of Ki Calgary and creator of the roll Hiroshi Kudo; an ura maki, filled with two pieces of tempura shrimp, kewpie mayo and tobiko. The roll is covered with avocado and salmon, then drizzled with a kabayaki sauce.


If there was ever the perfect time to reserve a night at Ki, this is it.