Sparkling, Please. The Waters of Sunterra

Ever stood and stared at the wall of sparkling waters at Sunterra bewildered as to what the difference is? Is all water avec gas created equal? We bought a round of them, hosted a tasting, jotted down our notes and tabulated the answers. We learned that not all water tastes like water.

If you go on a Friday, make your dinner hassle-free with one of their Friday Night Feasts. May 17 features Asian noodle and vegetable salad with Maple wasabi dressing, barbecue Sunterra Farms pork on sticky rice with baby bok choy and strawberry carousel cake.

Nanton Sparkling Spring Water ($1.99) – the local contender
Not so sparkly
Flat at first taste, then seems bubbly
Smooth, non-traditional

Voss ($4.99)
Not so bubbly, but the bubbles are big
Sharp, dry
Medium carbonated
Salty but refreshing
Crisp and flavourful

Gerolsteiner Natural Mineral Water ($2.29)
Big in your mouth
Bitter, medium bubbles
Smooth but bubbly
Salty, medium bubbles
Bubbly and refreshing.

San Pellegrino ($2.99)
Tastes like sparking tap water
Smoother longer, water taste
The least bite

Perrier ($1.99)
Peter Pan-like bubbles
The most carbonated, slightly harsh

Find Sunterra at various locations across Calgary and Edmonton.