Soon You Might Have The Ability To Disappear Just Like Harry Potter

You read right.

Science has made rocking a wizard invisibility cloak a possibility.

University of California researchers did a few test studies and were able to actually make objects disappear thanks to an ultra-thin invisibility cloak.

The cloak is tiny in size made up of microscopic rectangular gold blocks that adjust to the shape of an object and make it invisible to anyone by manipulating light and adjusting how light waves hit it.


“This is the first time a 3D ­object of arbitrary shape has been cloaked from visible light,” said lead author Xiang Zhang, director of Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division. “Our ultra-thin cloak now looks like a coat. It is easy to design and implement, and is potentially scalable for hiding macroscopic objects.”

As cool as this wizard-worthy cloak is, there are some setbacks to iron out, such as the inability for an object to move at all without losing its invisibility factor. The patterns of the nanoantennas must match the surface bumps of the object beneath to the tee, hence why it must remain still.

The cloak also covers only an area of about 1,300 square microns, but according to Science Mag, this is a concept that will very likely be made larger in the future.

Who said magic can’t be real?