Somwhr Liquor Lounge Opens Tonight in Old Montreal

At last.

Old Port is getting a new and much needed hotspot at 401A Notre Dame Ouest.

Created by Adamo Mariani, Mykl Zadourian, and Etienne Payette (A5 Mgmt) who carry a very impressive resume of fun times, Somwhr Liquor Lounge is all about feeling like a true VIP.

Housing just about 300 people, Somwhr is all about the atmosphere. It’s sexy, playful, and intimate.

Turning from a lounge into a VIP bottle service experience, the owners wanted to place focus on properly experiencing the transition from lounge to club atmosphere.

Here’s the really cool part. Each VIP booth has a private storage built in the back so you and your entourage can store your personal belongings, they also have built-in charging stations as well as a personal safe where you can store all your serious valuables and not worry for the rest of the night.

Talk about detail.

As the name suggests, the menu here is all about the drinks – and thanks to rock star mixologist Lawrence Picard of Nectar Mixology, the choices are pretty insane.

With bottle service come elaborate mixers in the form of Purées. We can’t elaborate on that yet but we expect the experience will be nothing short of delicious.

Somwhr is open Wednesday through Saturday from 8pm until, well, you know how Montreal does.

Tonight is the official opener so get in line, it’ll be a big one.


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