Someone Stole The Fat Jew’s New Book and Posted it on Twitter

Instagram comedian that we love to hate (but still follow) “The Fat Jew” (Josh Ostrovsky) got a swift slap in the face by karma today.

As you’ll likely recall, this past summer, Ostrovsky, came under fire when the internet collectively agreed that his Instagram fame was the result of him stealing jokes from other people. Pretty much all of his posts are edited reposts of other people’s material, with sometimes the only edited aspect being the true author’s identity.


Of course, social media is as social media does, so after the claims his fame only continued to grew.

Seemingly unfazed by the whole thing, Ostrovsky has gone on to write a book. It’s called Money Pizza Respect (and he’s been pushing it very hard on his feed).

Now, someone has scanned and uploaded the entire book he’s been pushing on Twitter and Google Drive, for free, for all to see.

But judging from the far-from-positive reaction to the book so far, it doesn’t look like he’s going to sell too any copies, even if the Twitter account is shut down.

Sometimes karma is real.