Someone Started a ‘Hot Migrants’ Instagram Account to Portray Attractive Male Refugees

In a classic display of the internet doing its thing, a man’s absentmindedness on social media has been met with contempt by the greater online population.

The man in question is an anonymous 20-something of Middle Eastern descent who lives in Washington.

His cyber faux-pas? Objectifying a crisis.

Over the past week, he’s been uploading photos of male refugees he deems attractive onto his Instagram account, ‘Hot Migrants‘. While that premise could evoke a bit of initial discomfort, it’s not outright offensive. After all, everyone went primal-mating-ritual-crazy about that sexy convict regardless of the fact that he could have been a domestic abuser. (He wasn’t, but still – you didn’t know that). And, really, these are male human beings being displayed for their sexiness – about as normal as it gets.

Waiting handsomely for a better life #DadGoals #migrantcrisis #handsome #migrants A photo posted by Hot Migrants ? (@hotmigrants) on

The problem is, ‘Hot Migrants’ doesn’t just focus on the individuals – it actually does trivialize their tragedy.

“Handsome men on their journey to Europe,” reads the first sentence of the account’s description. Fine. “Their countries might be falling apart but their sex appeal still goes strong” reads the next. Not so fine.

A further look into the descriptions of photos suggests why people are pretty upset about ‘Hot Migrants’.

“Waiting handsomely for a better life” reads one. Another is captioned with “Pretty in Pink. Gotta stay fresh as you try to start a new life.”

Given the chance to explain the #inspo behind his account, the lovestruck future host of ‘Europe’s Next Top Refugee’ replied with the cursory cliche of wanting to spark “a discussion in whatever form it takes.”

And that, friends, is how you copout for doing something stupid on the internet.