Someone is Developing an App So You Can Completely Block the Kardashians From Your Life

It couldn’t have come sooner.

Finally, your internet can be entirely Kardashian-free.

You’ll never have to read about Kylie’s lips, Khloe’s dating drama, or see another one of Kim’s selfies (not to mention, any of her future attempts to ‘break the internet’) ever again.

That’s assuming the Jenners are included in the app.

A 21-year-old British viral marketer has developed #KardBlock, the new app that rids yourself of all mentions of anything Kardashian. Creator James Shamsi says he’d like people to focus on real news as opposed to celebrity gossip.

A major undertaking, to say the least.

Then again, the one thing the Kardashian clan’s media frenzy has been positive in doing is increasing awareness for transgender issues, given Bruce Jenner’s recent, groundbreaking revelation and on-going transformation.

So, blocking does come at a price.

The app is in development, but is available for beta testing and should be coming soon.

In the wake of Los Angeles artist Plastic Jesus’s headline-making anti-Kardashian street art, which saw “No Kardashian Parking Anytime” signs at various Los Angeles hotspots, the timing is pretty ideal.

In terms of Shamsi’s next ‘victim’, Justin Bieber is a target…

Title photo courtesy of E! Entertainment


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