Someone Created an Amazing Floating Light Bulb That Will Also Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Chances are you need a light somewhere around the house, your office, or in your life in general. This should be that light.

FLYTE is a high-tech magnetic masterpiece that sets the light bulb free, allowing it to levitate over its base in wireless glory. It’s the work of Stockholm-based art scientist Simon Morris, who used hoverboards as inspiration to design the airborne illumination.

Magnets with opposing forces are embedded on the bottom of the bulb and in the wooden base, which automatically turns the light on when you hold it above. You can turn the light off by tapping the base or, obviously, snatching it from its mid-air position the removing it from the magnetic charging forcefield.

Photo: Flyte

Photo: Flyte

Its utility is just as impressive as its aesthetic, with a lifetime of 22 years based on six hours use a day or 11 years at 12 hours per day. Oh, and it can also wirelessly charge your phone.

It currently retails at a sale price of $400, which aptly illuminates the price we’re willing to pay for cool things.

Check out their original Kickstarter video below.