Someone Brilliantly Tagged the Netflix HQ Sign With “and Chill”

A very clever person – either a spray-can wielding bandit or the world’s best PR professional – has tagged a Netflix sign near the company’s California headquarters with “and chill.”

“Netflix and Chill,” of course, is an implicit term for sexual actions during or following the viewing of a program on Netflix.

The incredible act quickly spread through the social mediascape, with reported origins on Imgur. Someone even claims to have captured the person who tagged the sign:

Though the origins of the term are obscure, it’s already well past the tipping point and might as well be considered a direct inquiry for sex. Indeed, it was a fantastic euphemism with effectiveness that spanned just a few short months.

Many people have expressed that it’s about time this modification was adapted to the logo, while a few – those upset about children on their lawn – are getting pretty wiled up about vandalism, criminal behaviour, destruction of property, etc. 

The graffiti has since been removed, officially signalling the end of Netflix and Chill.