Solar Power Now Makes Up More Than 1% of the World’s Energy Demands

Take that, sun.

Actually, wait – we’ll take that sun.

According to Energy Post Magazine, “Cumulative capacity is now 178 GW. In terms of generation, this is equivalent to 33 coal-fired power stations of 1 GW.”

Basically, the world is doing really good things with solar panels, with China, Japan, and the U.S. leading the way.

While 1 per cent might not seem like a big number, keep in mind that the 178 GW of energy capacity is enough to power over 18 million homes in North America year round – complete with microwaves, big screen TVs and constant internet use.

The most encouraging part is that solar power is growing as the fastest rate it ever has – over 40GW was added last year alone. So lets keep it up world – the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.