Socking Behaviour: The Perfect Gift for Young Professional Men

To honour the memory of his late father and grandfather for Father’s Day, Socking Behaviour Founder Jared March will introduce his new brand, Harry & Irving. We caught up with him to find out a little more about the venture and offer you something notable while we’re at it.

Could you tell us a little bit about Socking Behaviour?
Socking Behaviour is an online retailer of the best selection of men’s dress socks in Canada and also has a great curated selection of ties, pocket squares and other men’s accessories. Socking Behaviour fills the gap for the guy who wants to get socks and other cool accessories but doesn’t really want to venture to a bunch of different stores to find what he’s looking for. With free shipping on all orders and hundreds of pairs to choose from, Socking Behaviour is definitely the best way to shop for men’s socks.

Is there anything interesting going on within the company?
Our second season of Harry & Irving ties have just arrived and a great selection of Corgi socks have also just been added. For the young professional women, the whole site is set up perfectly for buying gifts for the men in your lives. We offer a prepaid version of our Sock of the Month Club so you don’t have to worry about cancelling the membership at the end of the 12 months.

What separates Harry & Irving from Socking Behaviour?
Harry & Irving is the name I put on all products that I have designed myself. Harry was my father and Irving was my father’s father (my grandfather). The focus of Harry & Irving is to find the best manufacturers in the world and work directly with them to offer the best quality. By working directly with the manufacturers and skipping the middlemen, Harry & Irving products are able to be sold at a great value. I didn’t want Harry & Irving to be a private label where the focus is on margin, but rather it is about introducing others to fine clothing the way Harry, my father, introduced me to it. 

The true passion project within Harry & Irving for me is designing the ties. My style has been influenced by my grandfather’s generation and I’m able to let the influence show through with the Harry & Irving ties. Up until about the 1930s, the end of the tie was often left untipped to show the reverse side of the fabric. I’ve made that one of the signatures of the Harry & Irving tie collection, where only a few of our ties don’t have it as the fabric didn’t allow for it. All of our ties are handmade in New York City by some of the most respected tie craftsmen.

What separates Socking Behaviour from other socks, ties and accessories companies?
What separates us is we focus on why our customers should care about menswear rather than focusing on maximizing sales. I started Socking Behaviour just over a year ago and I sat down with some friends trying to come up with a slogan to connect with why I was starting this business. I knew style mattered to me and to most people, I just couldn’t express why. The reason I couldn’t express it is because just like style itself, the reason why style matters is unique to each person. The truth is style matters head to toe and for me the reason why it matters is to help my confidence as well as outwardly display the message about that I want to project about myself.

By focusing on helping customers find their style and express their style, it acts as a playbook for Socking Behaviour. Our Sock of the Month club that we offer came about from this very idea as it is a great way to find your style before you have zoned in on exactly what your style is. By getting colours and patterns you wouldn’t buy otherwise, it stretches you out of out your comfort zone a little and you end up finding what works best for you over the course of your membership.

Where can we purchase both Socking Behaviour and Harry & Irving in Canada?
You can purchases Harry & Irving ties and socks, as well as the rest of our selection, online. You can even get 15% off your purchase on anything, except the sock of the month club, with the promotion code “notable” at checkout.


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Cover image from Socking Behaviour

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