Social Fiction Touches Down in Calgary

It’s not an easy task to explain what’s going on at Theatre Junction for the next three nights, but we’re going to give it our best shot.

Imaginative, interactive, clever sci-fi from Amsterdam. Yep, that’s what we’re going with.

Social Fiction is theatre for those of you who don’t have degrees in literature, but still have a philosophical side. Those of you who are open to pondering the infinite nature of the galaxy, technology, and social interaction. And maybe even those of you who have been to Amsterdam – if you know what we mean.

This Thursday through Saturday, beginning at 8pm, join a cast of curious characters as they take you on a journey through time and space, to an age where virtual interactions might be all that exist. An intriguing set blends pop art and the wonders of modern technology, while plenty of electronic music interludes force you to consider your own place in the digital realm.

Light on dialogue and heavy on interpretation, we’ll admit it’s a bit strange, but not to the point of being inaccessible. While there are moments throughout the show that you might find somewhat silly, you’ll also spend 75 minutes watching the concept become more and more profound.

With classic Dutch wit and strength, PIPS:lab delivers a performance that will have your creative juices flowing and set the scene for a perfect post-show debrief with a date or a group of friends. And since you’re already in one of Calgary’s coolest new resto-bar spots, Workshop, you won’t even have to leave the premises.

Added bonus: tickets are half price if you’re a student, an artist, or under 30, which is about as rare as you leaving your phone at home.


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