Snoozing: This ‘Duvet Suit’ is a Dream Come True

Ever wished you could have just five more minutes under your duvet in the morning?

Of course you have, you’re a human being.

Well, now you can have an extra ten minutes…hell, take an hour or two. In fact, go ahead and take the whole day snuggled up in your bedding. There’s just one catch; you still have to go into work.

Jury’s Inn Hotel Group has created the ‘Suvet‘ suit, a snazzy new form of office attire that ensures you can catch a few extra zzz’s at any given moment. And as far as comfort goes, it really can’t be beat.

In the past we told you about a onesie that looks just like a suit and even a wetsuit that allows you to go straight from the boardroom to the deep blue sea. But the Suvet trumps both of those by allowing you to stretch out your slumber well into your morning commute and beyond.

Taking the term ‘office casual’ to a whole other level, the white two-piece suit was co-created by the hotel chain and celebrity costume designer, Wendy Benstead. The quilted garment comes with over sized shoulders to ensure personal space, a snood-like neck pillow, and a “cloud-like soft touch” (beware other commuters using your duvet for their own personal pillow).

Photo: Jury’s Inn

But this isn’t all function over fashion – there’s a removable belt to cinch in your waistline, tailored ribbed cuffs and skinny(ish) fit pants, so you’re guaranteed to look on point even if you’re having a catnap on public transport.

Developers at the international hotel group, Jury’s Inn, came up with a dream solution for us sleepy heads who find it hard to jump out of bed when our alarms go off. This was in response to recent research that found 56 per cent of Brits find it hard to wake up in the morning. The survey of 2,500 British adults discovered that 54 per cent of people hit the snooze button every morning, and cited lack of sleep, temperature outside the duvet (wimps), and fear of work as reasons for wanting to crawl back under their duvets.

The Suvet presents us with endless opportunities. Power naps on the streetcar without a hint of man-spreading. Forty winks at your desk after you stayed up watching all of House of Cards Season Four. Or some sneaky shut-eye after a liquid lunch on a Friday afternoon…

And though it’s just a prototype at this stage in the game, Jury’s Inn has suggested that if enough interest is forthcoming, the duvet suit could be put into production.

Those keen, can tweet Jury’s Inn Hotels to request the ‘Suvet’ be made available to the public. Snoozers, let’s make this happen.

Photo: Jury’s Inn