Snoop Dogg is Putting His Cash Toward an Uber for Weed Delivery

In a move that makes complete sense, Snoop Dogg has invested a considerable sum of money into a California-based startup that aims to deliver medicinal marijuana to your doorstep in under 10 minutes. 

Almost too fittingly, the company is called Eaze.

It has raised almost $10 milion so far, completed 30,000 deliveries, and hopes to hire 50 people in less than two months. 

It’s also one of the world’s first weed companies to lure international investors, receiving its most recent round of funding from DCM Ventures, Fresh VC, 500 Startups, and Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital.

And don’t think Snoop’s pouring cash into the Uber of ganja just because he’s a fan of the herb – weed’s becoming big business South of the Border. According to CB Insights, weed businesses raked in $104 million in 59 deals last year as more states are legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana use. 

The American dollar will stay forever green.


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