Snapchat is Redefining TV for those with Limited Attention Spans

Snapchat is changing the way we consume TV.

That’s right; the ever-popular communications app is branching out from its photos and videos that disappear in 10 seconds.

Now, the company – which is set to go public in March – is bankrolling the production of original “shows” for the generation of minimal attention spans (the majority of Snapchat users are aged 13-34).

The shows are produced by the likes of Disney’s ABC, NBC-Universal and Turner Networks.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.25.49 PM

The shows move along quickly, and are loaded with visuals, headlines and music. Similar to “Stories,” the shows will be shot in a similar raw, rough and ready manner.

The shows include ABC’s Watch Party: the Bachelor, which shows clips from the previous night’s episode of The Bachelor on the bottom of the screen, in addition to three fans at the top of the screen who weigh in with their thoughts and opinions on the show.

The episodes disappear within 24 hours and there is no archive of past episodes available.

Offering a more digestible way to consume politics Good Luck, America – which is expected back on air in February – features veteran CNN journalist Peter Hambly, who offers his commentary on the political climate and interviews key figures.

Currently, The NFL Show features clips and highlights on Mondays.

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Other shows include a new spin on The Voice and Fallon, which features Jimmy Fallon doing skits for a Snapchat audience.

For those with a phone perpetually glued to their hands, deep in Snapchat land, watching programming on the app just means a greater sense of convenience because they are already on the app.

Everything is just one swipe away (because reaching for the remote just takes too much effort these days).

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