Smoque N Bones: Getting Smoked on Queen West

This is the biggest patio in the city.

Let us be clear, though: there is no patio.

Don’t worry, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone, and we’re not engaging you in doublethink. The fact is, Queen West’s latest addition, Smoque N Bones, is across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park, which means you can eat your ribs and pulled pork under the open sky all summer long. Not only that, owner Alex Rad plans to have a mason jar program set up in the near future that could have you carrying lemonade and sweet tea along with you. 

The restaurant itself is a long hallway of sorts with large sliding front windows letting the light and air from Queen St. pour in. A lengthy bar wraps around the kitchen, serving as both divider and tabletop. The space is filled with wooden accents and exposed brick. Rad tells us that they had to bring the 90-year-old building to its bare bones after taking over. But the less-is-more approach definitely works for Smoque N Bones. After all, if you’re coming here, you’re coming for the food.

Smoked brisket, hickory ribs, candied yams, buttermilk onion rings – drooling yet?

You should be.

Rad’s ribs are easily Smoque N Bones’ most notable menu item. They’re smoked for four hours in the Southern Pride smoker (that stares at you, um, warmly from behind the bar). They’re on the expensive end, but there’s a reason. We’re willing to bet the quality of the meat is as good as any you’ve found in the city and since you apply the sauce yourself, they’re always just as wet as you like them.

Perhaps the best thing about Smoque N Bones, however, is everything that’s coming. Just in time for summer, you can pick up a boxed lunch and head to the park, enjoy a unique punch-your-ticket-style brunch, or get into some lighter fare with a soon-to-be-added-to-the-menu blackened catfish option. Rad also has plans to open up the second floor within the next year so you won’t have to fight over the 30 seats that are currently available. Soon to arrive JD and Jim Beam theme nights are only going to get you even more acquainted with Smoque N Bones’ already established bourbon bar and cocktail list that currently includes a dangerously delicious maple-bacon Old Fashioned. 

Smoked meat and summer. It’s officially time to get excited. 

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